Sample Endorsements

The following endorsements can be viewed in full on LinkedIn

"David is one of the most professional and dedicated people I have ever worked with."  -Darren Langer (Australia)

"David is a visionary; risk management is a profession in the making, where it is all in the future, little in the past. His vision is illuminating to all others." - Prof. Luis Seco (Canada)

"David is one of the rare individuals equally at home questioning the assumptions behind how systems work as at fine-tuning a working system.  Perhaps equally important, he is demanding without being demeaning.  That contributes to his very able leadership skills. You always feel like he's asking you to go the extra yard, but know that he has already gone the extra mile." - Jon Lukomnik (United States)

"David's strong work ethic, due diligence, sound judgment and true North moral compass greatly contributed to our success." - Jean Hinrichs (United States)

"Excellent analytical and strategic vision with a very direct no-nonsense approach. We need more professionals like David in this busy-nessy world of ours!" - Paul Garancharoff (Russia)

"It has been my privilege to know David both professionally and personally since 1988...David is not only intelligent and creative, but also a true leader as demonstrated by both people and organizational skills... David is a person of both character and integrity." - A. Gary Flagler (United States)

"David is an excellent international leader and experienced practitioner professional." - Dr. William Ding (China and United States)

"David demonstrated his exceptional ability to work as a hands-on manager and still be a strategic thinker."  - Dr. Alexander Shipilov (Canada)

"David is an easy person to recommend.  He is very knowledgeable and well respected in the risk management space, personable and engaged.  Since the inception of Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, he has been an invaluable member of the Editorial Board." - Julie Kerry (UK)

"I had the pleasure of working with David for a number of years.  He served as a mentor and teacher and helped develop the skill set I continue to use to this day.  I would highly recommend David." - Douglas Krueger (United States)

David R. Koenig is available for risk governance consulting engagements.